FoodRun – Exploring Karachi bite by bite

Karachi city is known as the “City of Lights”, however the diversity and variety of tastes this city has, definitely makes it stand ahead of the rest of Pakistan. From the traditional nihari to the perfect steaks, this city has it all.

FoodPanda, being the leading food application and portal in Pakistan, took on the charge to explore Karachi’s finest food spots in an event named #FoodRun in collaboration with SWOT on Wheels.

SWOT on Wheels is an initiative by The SWOT’s Guide, the only authentic source of all Food related reviews and queries.

Team Foodpanda, along with Food Bloggers, planned to hit the road on March 12, 2017 aiming to cover the most genuine food streets in Karachi.

March 12 had all of us thrilled to explore the best food places in Karachi.


We all gathered at a pre-decided location earlier than we were to report as all of us were pretty pumped up for the day.


The SWOT’s Team along the way made our mouths droll as the way seemed a bit longer after the introduction about places we were about to explore.

Our first stop was “Waheed Kabab House” at the Burns road. The place is famous for the taste and is loved by almost every Karachite.


The first dish which we were served was the Fry Kabab, the taste of these juicy Kababs can never be forgotten.


The second serving was of the special Nihari served with the traditional salad. Psst, personally I like “Javed Nihari” more.


We hit the road once again to reach the New Town Masjid to get our hands on their famous Chicken Burger.


This was followed by the Gunna Shots to make more space in our stomachs as we had quite a few more places to munch on.


And hey there was a Live Video session on Foodpanda and I was asked when was Waheed Kabab House established and I said 1950. Really Khizar? 1950?


Off we go again to reach Meerat Kabab House to try the ever famous Malai Boti. They served their evolved variant of the same dish called Chicken Tikka Malai Boti.


We were constantly being instructed to keep space in our stomachs but I couldn’t even stop myself. *Burp*


Then we had a competition planned between Team SWOT and Team Foodpanda. No, no, it wasn’t a wrestling match. It was the Lassi Competition.

Heading to Saleem Lassi just beside Meerat Kabab House, the nominated Team SWOT Member “Naushad Mitha” and the “Faraz Ahmed” from Team Foodpanda geared themselves up for The Lassi Competition.

Naushad Mitha almost scored a “Flawless Victory” there. “FOODALITY”


We rode the bus again and headed to Bahadurbad to stop at Zameeri Ansari. Team SWOT had planned the day to perfection and our food was ready the moment we reached there.

We were served Dhagha Kabab and Malai Chicken Boti.

I got my hands tangled in the dhagha but it was totally worth it. Like Totally.

We were all pretty stuffed after that but the SWOT team insisted to try the Lachay Paratha right beside Zameer Ansari at Quetta Alamgir Hotel.

We went there and had Dhoodpatti along with the Lachay walay parathay.

Lachay walay Parathay. #foodpanda #FoodRun #foodie #foodpics #foodgasm #foodstagram #foodporn #foodilove #karachi #pakistan

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Our last stop was Dhoraaji to have the famous Gola Gundas. Just the time we reached there, the stall was loaded with customers but since our SWOT friends had already made the arrangements we got our 24 Gola Gundas ready in a jiffy.

Each Gola Gunda bite had a different flavor hitting our taste buds and also the Brain freeze.


The day full of food and fun had to end with a lot of memories. All thanks to foodpanda for this event and Team SWOT for the immaculate management.

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