Shake It Up – Infinix Zero4 is here for you

Karachi: Infinix Mobility always takes a leap forward from the traditional phone features available in the market. They are in search of features which users long for the most and this time they shook everyone up with the latest image stabilization technology which even the tops cell phone brand never thought of.

It was all over the internet about its feature and all the techno gurus were anxiously waiting for the company to reveal their new phone.

The technology innovator launched their latest entrant in a local cafe on November 18, 2016

The celebration of this phone started with fireworks and music.

The phone and it’s features were revealed then after with 32GB ROM and 3 GB RAM.


Joe, Country Manager at Infinix Pakistan, then highlighted the specifications of the phone including the following:



He also demonstrated the phone’s exclusive XUI and the Image Stabilization feature which ensures a clear picture always.


Another feature of the phone which makes it even more attractive is the Laser Auto Focus (AF) technology which helps you zoom 4x and capture a crisp picture every time.


The technology giant also introduced another feature in their phone and termed it as the Panoramic Selfie. This feature helps user in capturing the panorama even with the front camera. This feature will come in handy for your next hangout.



The phone is available in 4 colors.


Infinix Zero4 is now in the market and will be giving real tough time to all the other brands out there. We wish them best of luck for their new device.

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